Schedule a Demo/Installation

Before clicking here to Login and poke about the Children’s or Women’s pricing application, a few things to know:

  • You will be working with the Portal (online) version of the pricing application, not the Liberty (offline) version.  While they work the same, the look is not the same.  A demo of the Liberty version must be scheduled live.
  • The prices you will see are U.S. Prices, not Canadian prices.  However, Canadian apps with Canadian prices are available for purchase as well.
  • The prices and payments suggested may be changed (overwritten) for any item being added (purchased or on consignment).  Indeed, suggested prices and payments for any and all categories may be changed (overwritten)  permanently by the Store Administrator in the Store Administrator’s Screen (not available to trial users).
  • At times, when different item entries (categories, brands, size, descriptions) are changed before finally adding an item [Add item], multiple items will be saved.  If this occurs, just click the red X to remove the errant item(s).
  • Finally, if you’re not a “read-the-instructions ” type person and would prefer to have a NextGen staffer walk you through the application rather than clicking on [HELP women] or [HELP children], call toll-free 855 696-3984 Ext 720 or 700.