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An essential management tool used by consignment and resale shops throughout North America, NextGen Pricing is fast becoming the industry standard.

The NextGen Pricing Systems are configured for “Women’s” shops and “Children’s” shops and everything in beTween.  The “Women’s” Pricing includes clothing, footwear and accessories, may be configured to cover the full size range from juniors to plus,  and may include styles for young men as well as young women.  The “Children’s” Pricing covers accessories, footwear, toys and equipment for babies and children along with infant, child and maternity clothing.   These Pricing Systems include hundreds of categories, tens of thousands of brands.  Based on sales of multiple resale stores across North America and ongoing retail price-checks, the prices suggested are ever-changing, ever-current.

Stores having the successful sales history to do so, can modify NextGen prices to fit their market(s).  NextGen Pricing Apps can operate in conjunction with different Point of Sale (POS) systems.  Buying & Pricing Guides are included , as areTraining and Help screens fitting the POS System being used.


  • Automatic price suggestion—based on item type, features, brand & condition
  • Tailorable pay calculator for items being purchased outright or on consignment
  • Store credit bonus options
  • Quick & accurate on-line price checks
  • Time-saving buying utilities:  size conversion tables, currency conversion calculator, automatic recall checks, and more


  • Train new buyers in the matter of hours not weeks
  • Improve pricing transparency, consistency and customer trust
  • Cut price/brand researching and buying time dramatically
  • Free up owner/manager time by spreading buying responsibilities
  • Raise the bottom line.  How much are you “leaving on the table”?

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