NextGen Clients benefit from a full featured website

NextGen offers the tools you need to run a successful children’s resale shop—The NextGen System. The System may be purchased in-full or in-part.

The NextGen System includes 3 components: The Knowledge Base, Point of Sale (POS)  System, and Website and Services. All come with Consultation / Training and Support.  Indeed,  NextGen’s Performance Assessment / Solutions consultation is proving very popular with current store owners striving to realize their potential.  It starts with a phone call and location analysis, moves to a comprehensive operational analysis informed by an owner survey and related conversation(s), and concludes with hard recommendations.

1. The Knowledge Base

The NextGen Knowledge Base is the most comprehensive guide to Children

NextGen’s Knowledge Base is built on decades of children’s resale experience. The Knowledge Base may be tapped online 24/7.

The Knowledge Base is organized into 18 Areas. New owners typically subscribe to all of them.   Experienced owners typically subscribe to selected areas. Along with the how-to information, the Knowledge Base includes guides, forms, signs, templates, lists, charts and other tools for download and printing, as well as links to key resources.  Interactive training and consultation is provided to help apply the knowledge to individual interests and situations.

Click a title below for details about each Knowledge Base volume.

The Knowledge Base | Opening a Children’s Resale Shop

What’s Covered:

Feasibility Assessment

Helping owner(s) assess whether they have the time, qualities, experience and resources needed to open and succeed with a children’s resale shop

Location Analysis

Demographic Analysis. Assessment of area demographics to identify zipcode(s) having sufficient household income, young parents and children to support a children’s resale operation.

Site Analysis

Determination of whether selected site(s) can support a successful enterprise considering traffic, visibility, neighboring enterprises, parking, competition, and other factors.

Lease Negotiation and Review

Lease Negotiation Advice

  • Negotiating do’s and don’ts.
  • Must-have and must-avoid provisions to guard against costly surprises.

Lease Review

  • Reviewing the lease presented to the owner(s)
  • Suggesting questions to be asked of landlord, and pointing to problems and issues that need to be addressed.

Business Legal Setup

  • Legal Structure
  • Taxes: Business/Personal, Sales, Property, Payroll
  • Registrations. Licenses and Permits

The Knowledge Base | Smart Buying & Pricing

What’s Covered:

Buying New

  • What to buy and when.
  • Review of Sources: manufacturers, distributors,  liquidators, overstock.

Buying Used

  • Strategy: outright, consignment, both.
  • When to buy–seasonal purchases
  • What to buy and not-to-buy.
  • Finding sellers–primary and secondary sources.
  • Pre-screening and educating and landing sellers.
  • Managing seller expectations and the buying process.  Seller retention.
  • Managing recalls and high-risk, high-payoff items.
  • Quick buying, buy closing, and seller retention.

Pricing System

  • Auto-price suggestion (pay and sell) based on item type, brand, features, condition and market.
  • Built into POS
  • Instant online Price checks
  • Instant online Recall checks
  • Updated annually.

The Knowledge Base | Management & Operations

What’s Covered:

Planning and Budgeting

  • Review of financing options,
  • Laying out tasks to be done, when and by whom
  • Estimating the cost of each task (one-time and ongoing),
  • Projecting resources available to cover (time, capital, sales revenue, …)

Pre-Opening and Grand Opening Preparation

  • Provision of implementation tools, e.g. Start-up shopping list, Pre-opening Timetable and Checklist.
  • Pre-opening and Grand Opening advertising and PR.

Space Planning and Build-Out

Assistance with design, build-out and related ordering and construction of:

  • Walls and floor,
  • Fixtures and displays,
  • Play area, back room, bathroom, storage
  • Counters, and
  • Signage

Processing Merchandise

  • Tagging and labeling,
  • Battery-Operated Merchandise,
  • Toy and Equipment Cleaning and Repair,
  • Toy and Equipment packaging,
  • Clothing preparation,
  • Movement, Staging and Storage

Floor Management

  • Order, Atmosphere, Navigation,
  • Hours, Phone and Counter Setup,
  • Safety and Theft prevention,
  • Cleaning and Maintenance,
  • Opening and Closing Procedures (including on-line checklists to aid management)


  • Electronic Media (store website, other websites, social media, ad words, email, SMS)
  • print media (papers, direct mail, flyers)
  • Broadcast media (radio and TV)
  • Signage
  • Deals of the day, cards, and coupons,
  • Cross-marketing,
  • Customer Associations

Customer Service

  • Plan, policies and procedures,
  • Help and Hospitality
  • Communications,
  • Services (wishlist, layaways, returns…)
  • Benefits (rewards, exclusives)

Buyback Program

  • Profit Projections, Plan & Budget
  • Inventory
  • Pricing and Fees (Built into POS)
  • Policies,
  • Advertising,
  • Agreements


  • Arrangement and Display (on-floor and on-line),
  • Off-floor sales
  • Discounts, Markdowns and Incentives
  • Sales and Events

Public Relations

  • Pre-opening / Grand Opening
  • Reputation management,
  • Strategic associations,
  • Promotions and Events

Financial Management

  • Banking and payroll,
  • Accounting and bookkeeping,
  • Insurance, and
  • Reporting

Personnel Management

  • Needs Assessment (Jobs, Job Descriptions; In-house vs Outsourcing; )
  • Hiring (Preparation, Recruiting, Orientation
  • Training and Supervision
  • On-line Scheduling and Time Tracking System
  • Compensation, Record-keeping and evaluation.
  • Employee handbook (customizable template).
  • Personnel: Hiring, employee handbook, job descriptions, orientation and training, compensation, records, evaluation

Sales and Inventory Management

  • Status Reports (Inventory, Sales, Profits)
  • Management Reports
  • When and What to add and shed
  • Sales Problems and Solutions

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2. Point of Sale (POS) System

The Point of Sale (POS) System takes care of all inventory purchasing, inventory management, and cash register functions. Designed specifically for children’s resale shops, the system tackles many of the time-consuming tasks involved in children’s resale, greatly boosting the productivity of owners and staff.

The POS System is a cash register and much, much more

  • Buy outright or consignment inventory purchasing
  • Credit card, store credit, and gift card processing built-in
  • Automatic price suggestion* for retail and pay price based on brand, item type, features, condition and market
  • Instant online Price checks  for the item and brand level
  • Automatic Recall checks
  • Quick Size Conversion
  • Scan barcodes for fast checkout
  • Inventory tracking from purchase to sale
  • Buyback Program** provides for the “rental” of new and used items
  • Layaway Program supports shopper holding arrangements
  • Wish List fast customer notification
  • Robust Reporting
  • On-line showroom and sales (optional)
  • Email/Texting creates & maintains segmented lists for targeted marketing
  • Quickbooks (optional) daily posting of vendor payout checks and end of day journal entries to QuickBooks
  • Comprehensive Help Menu

*requires purchase of NextGen pricing system
** requires purchase of NextGen buyback system

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3. Website and Services

NextGen builds a full-featured  website for each store owner, complete with logo and custom domain name (, integrated Facebook and Twitter pages, and the ongoing search engine optimization and social media support needed to keep these platforms alive and visible. This may be done from scratch or by building on an owner’s existing site.

Your website is updated automatically with the products you have in stock, ready for purchase

  • Setup.  Full-featured website with logo and custom domain name (, backlinks and links to Facebook, Google and Twitter.  Includes at owner option:
    • Static Pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Directions, Hours, links, Charities Supported, Store Photos
    • Facebook Page live on-site including facebook posts on new products, coming events, …
    • upload item photos from smart phone with titles and prices.
    • Online showroom and sales(optional) customers view and/or purchase items via online showroom;
    • Online seller/consignor appointment scheduling
    • Customer email signup
    • Seller/Consignor online accounts (optional)
  • Hosting, Maintenance, & Search Engine Optimization to keep site current, dynamic and visible

Web Services

Includes Social Media setup, guidance, monitoring and support.

Click on each type of service below to show details.

Social Media | Setup and management of your social media

  • Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Google Maps
    • Twitter

Customer Attraction & Service | Improve your online customer experience

  • Email and Internet Marketing
  • Email Templates–Ready-made for use in announcing events, special offers, invitations to sell, …
  • Email List Management–EZ list generation and Management; avoid email limits and ISP spam filters.
  • Bulk SMS (Texting) Service
  • Google Ad Words–Campaign design, planning, budgeting, and management

Administrative Tools | Run your store more efficiently

  • Daily Computer backup

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