Our History

Ten years ago, a number of longtime store owners elected to separate from the disappointing Children’s Resale franchise to which we were married for the better part of 2 decades.  We then spent our two “non-compete” years developing an affordable, non-binding alternative to children’s franchising and have been pleased and privileged to help a good number of clients launch “their own” businesses since.  While the how-to operational knowledge was an important part of NextGen’s offering, the central importance of the Buying and Pricing System  was most evident.  Word spread and

Word spread, and NextGen was enlisted to help a number of women’s stores coast to coast create a women’s pricing application modeled after the NextGen children’s pricing application.   Since that time, hundreds of owners have come to use the children’s and women’s pricing applications.  An application for men is scheduled for release this fall.  Demand has far exceeded expectations, and until recently, NextGen has been unable to address the demand from Store owners using Point of Sale System’s (POS’s) other than Resaleworld’s Liberty POS system for which it was originally, successfully and exclusively built.

In order to address this demand, NextGen is now devoting it’s full energies to fielding Pricing Apps capable of working within or in connection with the premiere POS systems used by resale & consignment enterprises in the U.S. and Canada.


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