How To Open a Children’s Resale Business- Are There Requirements?

A children’s resale store – done right – requires industry knowledge, requires year round planning, requires understanding the dynamics of the location, requires the application of retail principals, requires substantial money, and lastly – requires time and hard work.

If none of these “requirements” scare you off, or present nothing new to your thinking about the children’s resale industry, then…

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Children’s Resale – Taking Risk?

Children’s resale is one of those businesses that attracts dreamers into thinking that resale is risk free because “how hard can it be?”  Such dreamers want to be independent and in control and pride themselves into believing that they can do it alone.  They fool themselves into thinking that because recycling children’s goods makes so much sense all they…

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Children’s Resale – Here’s the Scoop!

Today I thought it might be a value to post the Preface to NextGen Resale Systems Knowledge Base.  The Knowledge Base provides a business system/guidance for independently owned resale stores from start-up thorough Grand Opening Day and beyond.

When clients ask, “what does it do?”  I always respond with “here’s the scoop on what you will find in the…

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Smart resale pricing – are you building customer loyalty?

This blog continues in the spirit of the “operating by guessing” theme that was addressed in an earlier post, and is specifically prompted by the inconsistent pricing found during a recent survey of independent resale/consignment stores.

How is it that nationally recognized jeans in identical style and fabric are featured at 3 different price points in the same size in…

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Consignment Software Review

NextGen Resale and Consignment  is a service bureau providing know-how, software and support to owners of resale and consignment shops.  NextGen has grown from supporting stores selling used children’s apparel, toys and equipment  to stores selling juniors and women’s apparel and accessories.

NextGen clients buy outright and accept items on consignment.  They sell new merchandise and…

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Children’s Resale…..That’s Easy!!

People dream of owning a children’s resale store…full to the brim with colorful, charming, children’s clothing, toys, equipment and baby gear. Such a store predicts success, and promises to be a wonderfully endearing business.

Visualizing a revolving door of customers who have growing families, people plunge into ownership thinking all they have to do to achieve their dream of instant…

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Golden Rule of retailing

Golden Rule of Retailing:  “It’s not what you said, but how you made them feel”

Words today fly through the air at warp speed, crash landing on FaceBook, Yelp, and other public sites for the entire world to see. The Internet is loaded with reviews and complaints about businesses that drive owners frantic.

Any given day I read owner responses to…

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Should my children’s resale store have a Website or Facebook Page?

This blog is a follow-up of one I wrote on the topic of the Internet in February 2012.  I felt it was important enough to revisit given the following points  (

  • 74% of people who use the internet use it to search locally for stores, products, and services
  • 61% of their searches ultimately end in purchases
  • 90% of local searches for specific…
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