Children’s Resale…..That’s Easy!!

People dream of owning a children’s resale store…full to the brim with colorful, charming, children’s clothing, toys, equipment and baby gear. Such a store predicts success, and promises to be a wonderfully endearing business. Visualizing a revolving door of customers who have growing families, people plunge into ownership thinking all they have to do to achieve their dream of instant...

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Golden Rule of retailing

Golden Rule of Retailing:  “It’s not what you said, but how you made them feel” Words today fly through the air at warp speed, crash landing on FaceBook, Yelp, and other public sites for the entire world to see. The Internet is loaded with reviews and complaints about businesses that drive owners frantic. Any given day I read owner responses to issues/problems posted on the Internet and...

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Should my children’s resale store have a Website or Facebook Page?

This blog is a follow-up of one I wrote on the topic of the Internet in February 2012.  I felt it was important enough to revisit given the following points  ( 74% of people who use the internet use it to search locally for stores, products, and services 61% of their searches ultimately end in purchases 90% of local searches for specific businesses result in offline...

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