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1. When do you think you want to open a children's resale business?*


2. Have you ever worked in retail?*

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If yes, in a few words, how do you feel about retail?

If no, in a few words, why you are thinking about opening a retail business?

3. What does a children's resale/consignment business mean to you?* (check all that apply, at least one)

 It is just what this economy needs It is a good way to bring in extra income It is something I’ve always wanted to do It makes sense because kids outgrow their stuff It would let me quit my job It would be fun It would be a good business opportunity Other

4. Tell us about your current employment.* (check all that apply, at least one)

 Both spouses work outside of the home One spouse works, the other stays home with the kids  One is out of work, one is employed  Not working, took a buyout  Not currently employed Ready to leave my job, want to be my own boss Other

5. Are you interested in the consignment business model or the buy-outright business model? We help with both.

 Buy-Outright Consignment

6. How would you finance a new business?* (check all that apply, at least one)

 I would use income from current jobs  I would tap into savings  A family member or friend would loan the money  I would apply for an SBA loan  I have the assets to get a bank loan  I have saved for this day Other

7. What kind of owner do you picture yourself as?* (check all that apply, at least one)

 Hands on, working in the store  Having a manager, so down the road I can work part-time  Don’t plan on working in the store; investment interest only Other

8. What are your profit expectations? (per year, approx.)


If you got this far, you must really want to own a children’s resale business! Great!

9. Do you have a location in mind?*

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If yes, please list the zip codes (preferable) or city/state of the location(s):

If no, what do you think about choosing a location? (check all that apply, at least one)
 I don’t have any idea about location Somewhere in my town I'd like help choosing one I have to move first before I pick a location Other

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