A children’s resale store – done right – requires industry knowledge, requires year round planning, requires understanding the dynamics of the location, requires the application of retail principals, requires substantial money, and lastly – requires time and hard work.

If none of these “requirements” scare you off, or present nothing new to your thinking about the children’s resale industry, then you have prepared yourself with the all-important understanding that it takes commitment, knowledge and energy to establish a successful children’s resale store.

Children’s resale is not a paint-by-numbers operation, it requires organization and knowledge and is no different from any business venture – regardless of the industry or application.

NextGen Resale understands the business of children’s resale like no other. We learned and applied the requirements over our 30 years of combined experience owning and operating our own children’s resale stores.

Yes, there are requirements. Visit the NextGen Products and Services page to learn how we can help.

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