Children’s resale is one of those businesses that attracts dreamers into thinking that resale is risk free because “how hard can it be?”  Such dreamers want to be independent and in control and pride themselves into believing that they can do it alone.  They fool themselves into thinking that because recycling children’s goods makes so much sense all they have to do is open the door and the business will run on autopilot. Such owners almost always end up not understanding why it didn’t work out.

Starting any business including children’s resale not knowing what you don’t know, is the definition of risk.

Not knowing or believing that it takes money to make money and without sufficient capital from opening day on, jeopardizes your livelihood, and puts the financial health of your family and household at serious risk.

Not knowing or believing that a resale/consignment business system and pricing system are planning and operational tools that educate and guide owners away from “guessing” is the mother load of risk.

Not knowing or believing that the having the best demographics for a resale store location really matters, is an unnecessary and costly risk.

Not knowing or believing that working in the business without working on the business, puts financial growth at risk.

Success cannot be guaranteed even when prepared. People have walked away from solid business ventures because they could not tolerate the thought of risk. The fear of risk became larger than the exciting business venture.  Thus the famous saying…“Without risk, there is no reward.”

You give yourself the best opportunity for success when you operate a children’s resale business with tools tailored to minimize risk; a business system, and POS (point of sale) system. They are the all-important “instruction book” that provides industry information and operational security to plan for the future as well as those unplanned business challenges that can be costly if not dealt with quickly and efficiently.

NextGen asks…. otherwise, why take the risk?

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