Today I thought it might be a value to post the Preface to NextGen Resale Systems Knowledge Base.  The Knowledge Base provides a business system/guidance for independently owned resale stores from start-up thorough Grand Opening Day and beyond.

When clients ask, “what does it do?”  I always respond with “here’s the scoop on what you will find in the Knowledge Base.”


The NextGen Knowledge Base consists of 20 Topics ordered into 5 Volumes.  It may be accessed online 24/7.  Clients are also provided with documents on most topics in MS Word as part of the consultation / training process.

As an online resource, the NextGen Knowledge Base is long on content and short on text; so too, the documents.  The topics are intended to be meaty, to-the-point, trimmed of fat.

While they may stand on their own, that’s not the expectation.  They are intended to serve less as texts and more as syllabuses identifying key points to be communicated by and discussed with NextGen staff as part of an interactive training/consultative process.  Links are provided to more in-depth discussion of particular sub-topics that may be of interest to individual owners.

Except for some black and white legal and financial topics, the information is presented descriptively, not prescriptively.  It is for owners to decide what makes sense to them given their situation and market.  As ex-franchisees all, we see ourselves more as educators, less as regulators.

We are also quite aware that the most of the information is based on owner ideas, knowledge and experience.  We encourage owners to suggest how the knowledge, training and consultation process might better serve them.  Give us a call; send us an email.

The NextGen Resale Systems Knowledge Base – A children’s resale business system – know how – right at your fingertips.

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